Take Home

Our take home meals are available for pick up at Tonka restaurant. Please call us on 03 9650 3155 to place your order or order online here

     These dishes and curries are vacuum sealed and are required to be finished or cooked on the stove top or oven and is ideal for freezing*


Prawn, lemongrass and green chili Spring rolls*
(5 pieces)

Chicken Satay* 
(5 skewers)

Char Siu Pork*
(5 skewers)

Crystal Bay Prawn, Lap Yuk and Edamame Fried Rice*

Jungle Marinated Barramundi Fillet*

Roasted Yellow Duck Curry*

Thai Green Beef Cheek Curry*

Javanese Vegetable Curry*


$3 each

Jasmine Rice
(uncooked, serves 2-3 people)


Myk Roni
(Coda’s Negroni named after Mykal)
Four Pillars Gin, Cinzano 1757, Campari, Aperol, Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
1.6 Standard Drinks, 20% Alcohol Volume

Goan Old Fashioned
(Tonka’s Twist on an Old Fashioned)
Starward Two Fold Whiskey, Black Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise
1.9 Standard Drinks, 25% Alcohol Volume